Your small change for a big difference

“Your small change for a big difference” is the slogan for our strategic campaign to raise funds for the research and related activities from the public, especially from the expatriate Sri Lankan community. However we intend doing it without any undue burden to those who are willing to make a contribution.

All of us leave our small change here and there because it is of little value in our day to day lives. But we can assure you that small change; whether it is cents or pennies, can make a real difference for our future generation because we can invest that small change for generating new knowledge either through research or inventions. New knowledge is becoming the power of the future. Asia is re-awakening through a knowledge-based economy. Invest your big money in established banks that will bring you profits but invest your small money with us and that will bring profits to you as well as to our future generation and to our nation. So invest in the future but without much cost to you. If you think that the way we think will make a difference for a big change please contact us. We will send you a specially designed till that will attract your small change, which otherwise would have been left idling. We assure you that we can make a difference.

Awarded Grants


The Wellcome Trust UK – Public understandings of genomic research: a Sri-Lankan perspective of biobank participants at IRD.

Center for Disease Control (USA) – Integrating mental health into primary care for conflict affected internal forced migrants in Northern Sri Lanka (COMGAP-S).


South Asian Hub for Advocacy, Research & Education on Mental Health (SHARE) – An intervention to improve mental health care for conflict-affected forced migrants in low-resource primary care settings: a WHO MhGAP-based pilot study in Sri Lanka (COM-GAP study).


National Health & Medical Research Council Australia –NHMRC- The University of Sydney as Collaborating Institution. A twin study on sleep duration, disturbance and physical activity levels – Prevalence and associations with depression, BMI and metabolic syndrome in Sri Lanka.


The Wellcome Trust –  The Colombo Twin and Singleton follow-up Study (COTASS 2); the overlap between metabolic syndrome and depression.


International Organization on Migration – ‘Impact of spouse migration on the left behind family in Sri Lanka’.

The Wellcome Trust – Bioethics grant, Building capacity in Sri Lanka on veterinary ethics and policy.

The Wellcome Trust – Use of Behavioral Genetics to explore overlaps between depression and metabolic syndrome in Sri Lanka (The Colombo Twin and Singleton Study (CoTaSS) follow up).


The Wellcome Trust – A supplementary grant, Population based Twin study on common mental disorders in Sri Lanka.

The Wellcome Trust – International engagement award Multiples and twins engaging in research through cultural activities.

The Wellcome Trust – Master’s Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

The Wellcome Trust – Bioethics grant; Building capacity in Sri Lanka to conduct research into ethical issues in health care and research.


WHO Colombo – Development, execution and evaluation of a training programme for OPD doctors in Eastern province in Sri Lanka, for identification, treatment and referral of epilepsy, psychosis, severe depression, MUC and heavy alcohol use.


The World Bank & Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka –  Island wide mental health survey; community and school based, and attitude survey in Sri Lanka.

The Wellcome Trust – Bioethics grant; A conference grant for a meeting titled; ‘Disaster related research and ethics for the developing world in global context’.

The Wellcome Trust – A training grant for a basic and advanced course on bioethics titled ‘Ethics; a friend of research.


WHO Colombo – Getting 15 years of research on medically unexplained symptoms into policy and practice; a poster, training manual and workshops in Sri Lanka (including evaluation of training).


The Wellcome Trust – Bioethics grant; Projects grant (1 year) for the project titled ‘Informed consent in Sri Lanka; current practices, quality of the information leaflets, consent forms and participants understanding of the process.


The Wellcome Trust – Bioethics grant; To hold a Bioethics training workshop in Sri Lanka.

The Wellcome Trust – A population based twin study on common mental disorders in Sri Lanka.


The Wellcome Trust – An extension for RCTs of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for medically unexplained symptom.


The Wellcome Trust – An International Research Initiative Grant for 2 years to carry out preliminary work of establishing a Population based Twin Registry in Sri Lanka.

The Wellcome Trust – A randomized controlled trial of CBT Vs structured care for patients with medically unexplained symptoms in general medical care in Sri Lanka. CBT was administered by Primary care doctors.


The Wellcome Trust – A randomized controlled trial of CBT, to test the feasibility of an intervention aimed at improving the management of patients with medically unexplained symptoms in Sri Lanka.