School Centered Research Culture Programme

Institute for Research and Development initiated a “School Centered Research Culture” programme in collaboration with Gaveshana Magazine to create a research culture among students in schools. The programme consists of several components such as one day training programs for school children & parents, two day workshop series for school teachers, master teachers and provincial educational research coordinators, and special lectures for educational administrators & other professional educators.

The student’s program mainly focuses on their education, importance of research in academic work, history of science & famous scientists, and latest scientific findings. They are also taught how identify and find solutions for day to day issues in a more scientific manner, and encouraged to do co-curricular activities while engaged in academic work.

The two day workshop series for educators mainly focuses on the child’s mind; how to help children to release their exam stress, and what changes should a teacher make during their lessons to improve the student’s concentration. They are also taught about the importance of information & technology in modern education and how to apply action research methods to academic issues.

The preliminary stages of this program have received positive responses from all the participants. Institute for Research and development hopes to continue this “School Centered Research Culture” program for the betterment of Sri Lankan education system.

‘The School Centered Research Culture Programme’ for school children which is being conducted in schools is entirely voluntary. As we have no dedicated funding for this project, resource persons and assisting staff volunteer their time as we all share the same vision. If you wish to donate to this worthy cause, please contact Institute for Research & Development.