Internships & Vacancies at IRD

Are you interested in applying your knowledge in a real-world work environment?

Each year IRD welcomes local and international students for the laboratory internship program which encourages students to pursue molecular biology and genetics careers by providing research experiences at the IRD Genetics laboratory. Selected students will have the opportunity to participate in research studies, under the guidance of laboratory staff scientists, supporting the IRD  mission.

We offer internship opportunities that;

  • Provide students a practical work experience in a state of the art laboratory facility
  • Help students gain academic credit while working as  interns
  • Help students to enhance their practical and analytical skills by engaging in research projects
  • Allow students to get hands-on experience in multidisciplinary research projects
  • Identify outstanding graduates for possible full-time employment

Fees & exemptions

We believe in making IRD education and training affordable for all qualified applicants. We want to help students to build a solid foundation in their early career by providing affordable training in our state of the art laboratory facility, regardless of their  financial circumstances.

Therefore, we have made this internship program totally free for  the undergraduate students who are coming from the state universities and for all the graduates.

Private and international university undergraduate studentswho seek for internship placements as a fulfillment of their degree program (to gain an academic credit)  will have to pay a reasonable fee for the training.

Duration                 Fees (LKR)
06-12 weeks                25,000
14-20 weeks                35,000
22-24 weeks                40,000