Become a member of the Sri Lankan Twin Registry

Why should you register?

When you register in the Sri Lankan Twin Registry (SLTR) you become part of a large family of twins and the research community at large. As a twin you can make a unique contribution to research which is generating new knowledge.

The SLTR is open to all twins and other higher order multiples of Sri Lankan nationality.

By joining the SLTR and participating in research you will be contributing to science and giving back to the community.

You will be able to participate in exciting new cutting edge research; which could be as simple as filing in a survey or doing an ECG.

*Registration is completely free of charge, and you are able to choose which research studies you wish to participate in.

Why are twins important?

Twin studies are considered to be the gold standard to investigate the degree to which characteristics and disorders are passed down through the generations.
Studying twins enables researchers to learn more about how a person’s environment (lifestyle, diet) and their genetics have an impact on certain diseases and conditions.

This allows scientists to study the causes and contributing factors of health conditions in communities.

Without twins, this type of research would be nearly impossible to conduct.
Such information can help improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of many health issues in Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries.

For more information please read our information leaflet on twins and twin research here.

Who should join?

Twins of all ages and genders in Sri Lanka can join the SLTR. It does not matter if you are identical, non-identical, male, female, opposite gender pairs, and your health status does not matter either.

Parents can even register their children and new born babies.
Children of all ages can join but must be registered by their parents if they are under 18 years of age.

Please note that there is no cost involved to join the SLTR or participate in research studies.

Privacy Policy

Institute for Research & development takes your privacy seriously.
Each individual in the SLTR database is given a unique identification number. This identification number is permanent and will be used instead of your name in any study you participate in.

We will not publish names and contact details of any participant in any reports, research papers or other publications or other.
To ensure privacy protection, no personally identifiable information about the members of the SLTR will be given to any third party.

Research Ethics

Research ethics and morals are extremely important to us. All research projects conducted by Institute for Research and Development are rigorously checked to maintain the highest ethical standards.

Prof Athula Sumathipala (Hon. Director IRD) has been validated by UNECSO as an expert in bioethics, and Dr. Buddhika Fernando (Coordinator IRD Bioethics Initiative) is a qualified ethicist with a LLM in Medical Ethics and Medical Law. Therefore we ensure that participants in our research projects are not be subjected to unnecessary discomfort or harm. All research projects are then examined by an independent registered Ethics Review Board. Only when ethical approval is obtained do we begin the study.

How to register with the SLTR

There are two methods you can use to register with the SLTR:

Registration by post.
Download the registration form, fill it, print it, and post it back to us along with photocopies of the twin’s birth certificates to the address given below.

Sri Lankan Twin Registry
No.393/3, Lily Avenue, Off Robert Gunawardane Mawatha,
Battaramulla 10120,
Sri Lanka


Online registration.
Click the online registration button, fill the form, and send it. Please have scanned copies of your birth certificates in PDF or JPEG format before you begin the registration process.

*If you are part of a set of triplets or higher please use the Postal Registration form. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.