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Gaveshana magazine In a nutshell

Gaveshana is the only tri-lingual research magazine published in Sri Lanka, exclusively dedicated to promoting research among students and the wider general public. Our main focus is on A/L students, university students as well as academics around the country, and via Gaveshana we educate, enhance knowledge about research, and encourage everyone to be involved in research work. We give opportunities to A/L students to publish their A/L projects in Gaveshana magazine and have them critically reviewed by relevant professionals which help many students to produce effective projects in the future. We also encourage articles on local and expatriate Sri Lankan professionals to highlight their contributions and experiences in the field of science. The articles about local inventors have always been highly appreciated and drawn attention to lesser known inventors who express their talents to the public via Gaveshana magazine. Gaveshana is available at many universities, schools, most large scale bookshops, super markets and newspaper stalls Island wide.

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We started this journey over a decade ago with only one source of strength and inspiration; absolute and clear conviction that our journey to achieve success was for the greater good, however small, for the people in Sri Lanka. We did not set out to claim ownership nor create boundaries for knowledge. We set out to share, enhance and nourish knowledge through mutual effort. We were determined to generate knowledge through research and to disseminate it into different social sectors in Sri Lanka, as it is an essential component for the development of our country.

It was a challenge and responsibility to go beyond the traditional research practices. And a strategic approach in order to establish a ‘research theme’ in the school system, and to create young budding researchers through A/L projects. In this era of globalization, even knowledge has become a commodity. However, we believe in knowledge as a valuable investment for the common advancement of society, rather than a commodity. Unfortunately, many contemporary intellectuals seem to be incapable of realizing this essential truth. We believe that knowledge should be invested with the holistic attitude of social development, but not be used as tool for self-preservation. Hence, our journey for success with Gaveshana has always aimed to go beyond mere self-preservation.

In this conscientious journey, we have been constantly looking for individuals and groups who think ‘out of the box’ for ways to create new knowledge, and ways of beneficial investments. We started as the minority but firmly believe that we are not the minority anymore. Through more than a decade of hard work, we have managed to bring many individuals and groups under this ‘progressive’ umbrella of thinking.

The nation needs sons and daughters who are willing to sacrifice ‘self-preservation’ and ‘boundary setting’ for the greater good. Gaveshana will always support and promote such visionary thinking, and continue to establish an overarching research culture in Sri Lanka.

We thank all our supporters and detractors who were instrumental in our success during this journey.

We initiated Gaveshana. We established it. Now it is everyone’s responsibility to continue this.

Ms. Mithurshi Shankaran

2nd Year Student | BSc. Biomedical Science
Deakin University – Australia

What an excellent course it was. To be honest I thought that it was going to be another tick in the box type course that I was going to find quite boring! However your instructors were excellent, the course was interesting and enjoyable and I could obtain a lot of practical skills in molecular biology laboratory techniques. I would go as far as to say it was the best training course that I have ever attended. I really enjoyed the sample collection and DNA extraction modules and the experience I have gained through them was immense. Overall a really enjoyable and educational experience.

Ms. Mithurshi Shankaran

Ms. Pershanga Perinpanayagam

2nd Year Student | BSc. Biomedical Science
Deakin University – Australia

I decided to register for this course after much research and review of other such types of training courses provided by various other institutes in the country. I felt, even before attending the course, that I had made the right decision. That feeling was fully justified after completing the 2month course taught by a friendly team of lecturers at IRD. Their teaching style was engaging and superbly informative as the entire class was able to interact with the tutors through the online student forum even after the classroom sessions. I would recommend this course to both novice and experienced professionals who are interested in this field.

Ms. Pershanga Perinpanayagam

Gaveshana Team

Chief Editor

  • Dr. Godwin Kodithuwakku (BEd, MA(Ed), PhD)


  • Aruna Prashantha Walisundara

Deputy Editors

  • Nadun Perera and Lasith Dissanayake

Editorial Board

  • Prof. Athula Sumathipala (MBBS, DFM, MD, MRCPsych, PhD)
  • Dr. Gominda Ponnamperuma (MBBS, Dip.Psycho, MMEd, PhD)
  • Dr. Nihal Abeysinghe (MBBS, MSc, MD)
  • Dr. Sudath Samaraweera (MBBS, MSc, MD, PhD)
  • Dr. Kaushalya Jayaweera (MD)
  • Dr. Buddhika Fernando (BDs, LL.M, MSc, Attorney at Law)

Supporting Staff

  • Sales & Distribution: Maneesha Jayaweera
  • Type Setting: Udeni Samanmali
  • Tamil Translation: M. H. M. Yakuth
  • Tamil Type Setting: F. A. S. Nismiya
  • Financial Management: Janani Marasinghe
  • Coordination: Chamali Jayasinghe
  • Page Layout: Indika Shamintha Wedisinghe

We are a not-for-profit non-commercial academic magazine which is funded by generous donations and advertisements.

To continue to provide the magazine at a reasonable cost,  the price of Gaveshana has not been increased since 2011 even though the printing and production costs have increased over the years.

If you wish to donate or advertise in Gaveshana Magazine please contact us.

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We encourage everyone to submit articles which are relevant to Gaveshana Magazine. Articles can be in either Sinhalese, Tamil or English. For more details please contact Aruna Walisundara (Deputy Editor, Gaveshana).

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